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Bi-Monthly HOA Meeting
The Village at Quarterpath will conduct its bi-monthly HOA meeting at 7 p.m. on September 12 at the Quarterpath Recreation Center.  The executive session will be held at 6 p.m.  

Staying Informed
To be sure you are informed and involved in your HOA.   Follow these 4 Easy Steps:
  1. Step 1: Send your email address to Tabitha Clark at so you can be added to the neighborhood list. Tabitha works for Chesapeake Bay Management Company. Periodically, Tabitha will send out news and reminders of meetings, snow removal, etc. (Your email address will not be shared.)
  2. Step 2: Attend the next HOA Board meeting on September 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Quarterpath Recreation Center. Homeowners and home renters are welcome at HOA Board meetings!
  3. Step 3: Plan to attend the annual HOA meeting on November 14, or complete a proxy. A quorum of homeowners is required for voting. Voting is needed for: 
  • Election of HOA board members for seats coming vacant 
  • Approval of revised HOA guidelines
Step 4: Check out the HOA website for more neighborhood news:
Thank you for being a part of our neighborhood!
Board of Directors, The Village at Quarterpath Owners’ Association

Welcome New Neighbors
More than a destination at the end of the day, a community is a place you want to call home and where you feel at home. There is a difference between living in a community and being part of that community. Being part of a community means sharing with your neighbors a common desire to promote harmony and contentment.
Welcome to The Village At Quarterpath. We encourage all residents to participate in making our Community the best that it can be for all of us.
Contact us by using the Contact Us form on this website to find out how you can help. Let us know of your interests and expertise. There is plenty to do.

Volunteers Needed
The Village at Quarterpath welcomes your participation.  If you have the time and an area of expertise that is helpful to our neighborhood, contact a Board member or Chesapeake Bay Management.

Neighborhood News
Posted on Jan 21st, 2018
Remember to read the FAQ's (link on the left tab) to questions about your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the Board and Management company.  FAQ's include:  HOA fees, disputes between neighbors, etc.

Mowing Services
Williams Landscape, our landscape contractor, will notify us when mowing is canceled for a particular week due to rain.  We will post these outages here.  Also, we would ask that you assist the mowers by moving large furniture or other items off the grass before the mowers arrive on Tuesday. It is not the landscaper’s responsibility to remove personal items from the grass.  They have been instructed to not remove any personal property. You may communicate any issues you have with our mowing service via the contact us page.

Maintaining New Plants
Caring for Your New Shrubs - IMPORTANT REMINDER
Tuesday, May 1st to Sunday, September 30th
Hello Neighbors,
We hope you are enjoying the new plantings at your home and in the Village Green Common Area.  The planting selections were the result of a tremendous collaboration of efforts by the Landscape Committee, Williams Landscape Designers and Disease Specialists, management and your Board of Directors.  These beautiful shrubs will grow quickly to the size appropriate for the location of planting and the species selected for each unit considered the sun/shade requirements. 
PLEASE, assure success, EVERY unit owner will need to water the new plantings as described below.
This is a very exciting time for The Village at Quarterpath!
The size of front yard landscape beds vary throughout the community.  Some of the smaller beds may not receive new shrubbery to replace the Japanese hollies due to the size of the bed.  This recommendation was made by Williams Landscape.
Williams Landscape will offer a 2-year warranty on new plantings, but only if certain conditions are met.  Since the Association does not have an irrigation system throughout the community, it’s incumbent upon the homeowners and residents to water new plantings and make observations to help determine if there is a problem, and notify management promptly so Williams can be contacted.  The Association is making a significant investment in this project.  Its success requires the participation of the homeowners and residents.
The warranty conditions are as follows:
1.    Watering of all newly installed plants is required.  During the first growing season following installation plants should be watered every 1-2 days, provided there has not been at least 1 inch of rain in the interim.  This should be done by thoroughly wetting the root soil mass.  During subsequent growing seasons watering should be done every 7-10 days.  Please do not over water plants.  This can cause as much trouble as not enough water.  A good method of checking soil moisture is to dig through the mulch, using your finger, into the top 2 inches of soil.  This should be done within 2-6 inches of the trunk of the plant.  If soil is wet, the plant will have sufficient moisture.
2.    Keep plants free of injurious insects and diseases by timely and proper application of pesticides.
WILLIAMS WILL TREAT FOR PESTS, AND MULCH THE BEDS: PLEASE, notify the management company promptly upon discovery of any suspected defect or problem with plant material, including pests.
With kind regards,
Village at Quarterpath Managing Agent

Quarterpath Recreation Center
Take advantage of the Quarterpath Recreation Center located across the street from our residential area.  There is a Walking Club available on Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.  You may also avail yourself of the "Silver Sneakers" Fitness class, yoga classes, pickle ball, basketball, volleyball, etc.  There are pool tables and ping pong tables available for rent. 
Please visit the Quarterpath Recreation Center's website at: for more information.  You can also stop by and chat with their friendly staff.