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Continuation of Annual Meeting: June 8, 2022
We will continue our annual meeting to June 8, at the Quarterpath Recreation Center.  We are close to reaching our goal for votes and/or proxies for approving the new governing documents.  Declaration Letter to Homeowners  Amended and Restated Declaration
If you have not voted and wish to do so, contact one of your Board members or Jim Seal.

Architectural Guidelines as of May 11, 2022
The updated version of the Architectural Review Committee's rules and guidelines were reviewed and approved by the Board on May 11, 2022.  These are guidelines to help maintain a consistent look throughout our community as well as providing homeowners the ability to add their own personality.  As noted within the guidelines the City of Williamsburg and the original approved subdivision plans drive what changes can and cannot be made.  If you are planning any exterior changes, please review these guidelines carefully and submit an ARC form for approval before proceeding.  The ARC form provides the Committee to review the changes, ensure they are within the scope of our Declarations and ARC Guidelines and that the homeowner has taken into consideration how these changes may affect their neighbors and the community as a whole.  During impromptu walk-throughs and during our annual inspection conducted by the management company any changes which have been completed without an approved ARC request may be subject to a fine and include removal of the change.

Town Management
Town Management Company's Representative is Jim Seal's contact information is as follows:
Jim Seal, CPM, RPA
Town Management
4801 Courthouse Street, Suite 202
P O Box 5010
Williamsburg, VA 23188
ph (757) 565-6200

Village at Quarterpath Exterior home inspections to start mid-June
Town Management will soon be performing exterior home inspections and is targeting the week of  June 20th.  This is to ensure that homeowners are in compliance with architectural guidelines and are following the rules and regulations of the community.

Below is a checklist of items to be used during the inspection.  Please review so that you are prepared and can make corrections, if any are needed. 

US Lawns change to Tuesday
US Lawns is moving their scheduled service day for the Village at Quarterpath (VAQ) from Mondays to Tuesdays, starting April 5.  Since Mondays are trash days at VAQ as prescribed by the City of Williamsburg, the trash and recycle bins interfere with US Lawns' ability to efficiently service our property.
Because of this, be sure to take your trash/ recycle bins in no later than early (before 7 am) Tuesday morning.

Houses with Melted Siding
After discussion with the HOA lawyer, the HOA has no legal obligation to remedy the melted siding situation. Neighbors should work together to remedy this situation. The best solution to prevent additional melted siding is for the house with the windows causing the melting to be lined with a film to prevent the sun's rays from damaging neighbor’s houses. This homeowner needs to submit an ARC form for the film. Once this is done, the person with the melted siding can replace their siding with normal siding (using an ARC request). For any questions, contact Jim Seal at (757) 565-6200 or by email at

Our latest Association Newsletter was sent out by email in May.  If you would like to submit information for the next newsletter, contact Barbara Chowning at 240-449-6234.