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Next HOA Board Meeting June 14
The Village at Quarterpath will conduct their next HOA Board Meeting on Wednesday, June 14th at 6:00 pm at the Quarterpath Recreation Center. 

Notarized Signatures for New Restated Declaration
We recently had a super majority of the owners at the Village at Quarterpath vote on passing a new Amended and Restated Declaration back in June.  
We now need owners to sign and get notarized the signature page for their respective phases.  Would you please
  1. Obtain the correct form for your phase from Town Management by either call or emailing them. (phone: 757-565-6200, email:
  2. Have the form notarized with your signature, and mail the original back to Jim Seal, Town Management, PO Box 5010, Williamsburg, VA 23188. 
  3. If you are currently located in a different state. you may use a notary in the state you’re in – just have them cross out any reference to Virginia and write in the appropriate state. 
  4. Banks, Insurance companies and libraries typically have notaries available.
  5. If there are two people on the deed, please have both sign as well.   This is to make the amended declaration official.  
Additionally, you may visit Town Management's office at 4801 Courthouse St., Suite 202, Williamsburg.  There, Jim Seal or his representative will provide the form for you to sign and have an employee there to notarize it.  Call Town Management to set up an appointment to get the form signed and notarized.  That number is 757-565-6200.
Attached are the documents again for your review.  Declaration Letter to Homeowners  Amended and Restated Declaration

Our latest Association Newsletter was sent out by email in October.  If you would like to submit information for the next newsletter, contact Barbara Chowning at 240-449-6234.

Houses with Melted Siding
After discussion with the HOA lawyer, the HOA has no legal obligation to remedy the melted siding situation. Neighbors should work together to remedy this situation. The best solution to prevent additional melted siding is for the house with the windows causing the melting to be lined with a film to prevent the sun's rays from damaging neighbor’s houses. This homeowner needs to submit an ARC form for the film. Once this is done, the person with the melted siding can replace their siding with normal siding (using an ARC request). For any questions, contact Jim Seal at (757) 565-6200 or by email at

Please see the attached article from Nicole Trifone, Public Information Officer for the City of Williamsburg regarding the installation of GloFiber, the City’s first 100% fiber network, which is a type of broadband that allows data to be sent at faster speeds than other types of broadband connections. The network being installed will eventually cover the entire City, meaning all residents will have the opportunity to choose an alternative to Cox for their broadband service if they so choose.

Landscape update
Here are a few reminders and general information pertaining to landscaping at the Village at Quarterpath:
  1. 1. Any issues with trees such as needing to be pruned, contact
  2. Planting any additional trees requires ARC approval. Reach out to An ARC modification form is attached below.
  3. Installing any front yard landscape edging requires ARC approval. Reach out to
  4. Landscape changes to builder or HOA installed landscaping requires ARC approval. Reach out to
  5. Our lawn care company put down pre-emergent treatment and fertilizer on the common area grass and plans to do the other lawn areas shortly.
  6. Mulching is scheduled for mid-April, weather permitting.
  7. Spring flowers have been selected for the green and will be planted in early May (lantana and impatiens).

Home Safety and Security
The Williamsburg Police Department asks that you be your own “hero” by doing the following:
  1. Keep your car locked and don’t keep expensive items in your car.
  2. Be sure to leave your outside lights on at your front porch back door and garage.  LED lights are very inexpensive and use low energy.
  3. Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave the house, even for a few minutes.
  4. If you go away, get an automatic timer for your lights and radio.  Turn down the bell on your phone.  Have a neighbor watch over your house, pick up the mail, and park in the driveway from time to time.
  5. If you see suspicious activity at another’s home, call the police.
For more information, see the following web page:

Town Management
Town Management Company's Representative is Jim Seal's contact information is as follows:
Jim Seal, CPM, RPA
Town Management
4801 Courthouse Street, Suite 202
P O Box 5010
Williamsburg, VA 23188
ph (757) 565-6200